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Business structuring

  • Business structure audit. Analyzing the existing structure of your business, identifying the ongoing risks, determine the extent to which the current business structure matches your goals;

  • Advice on legal aspects of business, compliance risk management, and ensuring its security;

  • Developing the legal structure of your business (how many entities and in which form to be set up – a company, an individual entrepreneur, a business unit);

  • Aid in arranging the system of ties between business units (with due account for control, security, and efficiency of their mutual relations);

  • Preparing the required package of documents, instructions, and regulations;

  • Advice on selecting the formats of doing business, and its registration;

  • Drafting, instead of you, the required package of documents on all the desired functions of your business (including documents of incorporation, foundation documents, staff documents, templates of bylaws and regulations, the package of master contracts, and so on);

  • Assistance in putting in place the proper task risk monitoring and control;

  • Aid in formalizing relations between partners to a new business.

Security of property

  • Audit of property rights (real property assets, land, movables, revealing defects in registration of rights, titles, and legal risks);

  • Legal support for all property transactions (for the seller or the buyer);

  • Error correction in the registered rights;

  • Advice on business sale/buy matters;

  • Elaboration of transaction options and its legal structure, in view of the legal and tax risks;

  • Executing of transaction, property audit ahead of the transaction;

  • Resolving corporate disputes (between owners of business, owners and the management);

  • Structuring and formalizing the mutual relations between owners and partners to a business;

  • Support in joining / withdrawing from a business;

  • Drafting corporate documents and owner control system;

  • Recovery of losses from the management;

  • Representing interests in bankruptcy procedures, for the debtor, creditors, and other parties;

  • Imposing of / defending in case of subsidiary liability;

  • Challenging of transactions (stating claims and defense).

Tax safety

  • Verbal and written advice on administration of the laws on taxes and fees;

  • Analyzing the arrangement of business processes and existing structure of business for any tax risks;

  • Engagement of our professionals in the tax control activities (at any stage);

  • Assistance in amicable (drafting an objection to the customs inspection report, an appeal to a higher-level tax authority, representing your interests in examining the tax inspection case) and court (drafting the required litigation documents, taking part in court hearings, handling the case in all the court instances) settlement of tax disputes;

  • Business tax safety audit.

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